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Welcome to The Admiral’s View! Through monthly personal narrations, the Commander of Maritime Forces Atlantic shares his thoughts on current trends, obstacles, and achievements of relevance to the Royal Canadian Navy, with a focus on the Atlantic Coast.

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Rear Admiral John Newton

They Were Young

The Gargan family was raised at Ferguson's Cove where mother Lucy was a schoolteacher in a one-room schoolhouse. A single mother, she raised her four children, Leo, Arthur, Dougald Robert (D.R.) and Mary with the loving support of brother Tom Boyle, a Great War veteran.

Members of HMCS SHAWINIGAN’s ship’s company

Lessons in Tragedy

Disasters at sea frequently strike at night.  Darkness obscures the direness of an emergency.  Rain, wind and heavy seas overwhelm the senses.  With no way of escaping the violence of a storm, a sailor must confront uncertainty and fear.

Leading Seaman Lindsay Hansen

The Prairie Seaport

Watching Leading Seaman’s Hansen’s face radiate with excitement was worth the effort expended to reach the waters of Port Nelson, Manitoba. More at home driving her 1000 tonne patrol ship, HMCS Moncton anchored offshore, she was now at the helm of the 800 horsepower, Nelson River Adventures jet boat.

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