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No matter the challenge, Canadians can rest assured that their navy is ‘Ready, Aye, Ready’ to meet changing demands, emergency situations, and evolving threats to our sovereignty and security.

Whether deployed in the Arabian Sea on maritime security operations, assisting with domestic operations and humanitarian aid, or helping to support the local communities in which we reside, we have stories to share and invite you to learn more about your navy’s contributions at home and around the world.

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Hometown: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Years of Service: 28

As an Air Force Officer, I never thought that I would be coordinating with the Sierra Leone Navy to arrange naval training in a Gulf of Guinea exercise! Being born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the link between Nova Scotia and Sierra Leone’s history made coordinating the NEPTUNE TRIDENT exercise extra special.


Able Seaman Matthew McKay

Able Seaman Matthew McKay


Hometown: Victoria, British Columbia.

Years of Service: 3 Years of service.

I am looking forward to going on my first deployment, it will give me a chance to learn more and improve as an operator and to travel to regions I have never seen or experienced before, while also training with the naval groups there.

Lieutenant-Commander Emily Lambert

Lieutenant-Commander Emily Lambert

Hometown: Montreal, Quebec

Years of Service: 18.5

My experience of NEPTUNE TRIDENT is very limited. However, I look forward to meeting personnel from other Navies and having the opportunity to work alongside them and impart my experiences and knowledge to help better their naval forces.

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