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No matter the challenge, Canadians can rest assured that their navy is ‘Ready, Aye, Ready’ to meet changing demands, emergency situations, and evolving threats to our sovereignty and security.

Whether deployed in the Arabian Sea on maritime security operations, assisting with domestic operations and humanitarian aid, or helping to support the local communities in which we reside, we have stories to share and invite you to learn more about your navy’s contributions at home and around the world.

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MARLANT image tech ‘overwhelmed’ with pride during sentry duty

MARLANT image tech ‘overwhelmed’ with pride during sentry duty

“There’s an overwhelming feeling each time I march the troops out,” PO2 Reed said. 

“I was nervous at first, but once you actually start marching toward the tomb, there’s just such a strong sense of pride, and of the dedication I’ve brought to the service and to my career

Sub-Lieutenant Jessie Whittaker

Sub-Lieutenant Jessie Whittaker

Hometown: Belleville, Ontario

Following in the footsteps of her two older brothers, the eldest being a Royal Canadian Air Force pilot and the second also being an officer on HMCS Montréal, SLt Whittaker says, “The best thing about my job so far is that I have the opportunity to work with my brother, Daniel. We have always been close, so we often explore the cities together during port visits.”

Naval Combat Information Operator and Shipborne Air Controller (SAC) aboard HMCS Montréal.

Leading Seaman Daniel Whittaker

Hometown: Bellville, Ontario

LS Whittaker joined the Canadian Armed Forces because he wanted to work in a team environment where every day brings a new challenge. “As the Shipborne Air Controller onboard HMCS Montréal, my job is to ensure a safe flying environment for aircraft under my control. I provide the aircraft with tactical employment, and advise Command on any issues related to the aircraft,” he says. “What I appreciate most about my career in the RCN is that I make my family proud of the job I do. I have made some unforgettable friends along the way. I also like the opportunity to travel the world, and working in a wide variety of environments, while constantly meeting new people.”


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