Welcome to Nanoose Harbour

Nanoose Harbour is administered by the Department of National Defence and is governed by the Canada Marine Act and the Natural and Man-made Harbour Navigation and Use Regulations.  The harbour is open to the public within the limitations set out in an Order in Council regarding Controlled Access Zones.

For official nautical information on Nanoose Harbour, refer to Chart 3459, and/or PAC 201 Sailing Directions, published by Canadian Hydrographic Services.

Nanoose Harbour (Latitude 49°15.600′ N, Longitude 124°09.000′ W) is a designated public port.  Its limits are defined as all the navigable waters, including any foreshore, within Nanoose Bay to the west of a line running from the easternmost tip of Wallis Point (Latitude 49°16.250′ N, Longitude 124°06.305′ W) to a point due south on the shore at (Latitude 49°15.295′ N, Longitude 124°06.305′ W).

All pleasure vessels are required to register their arrival, intended duration of stay, and departure from the harbour by contacting a Harbour Official.

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Queen’s Harbour Master Superintendent Nanoose

Telephone:  250-213-3325

Assistant to Queen’s Harbour Master Superintendent Nanoose

Telephone:  250-363-7584