Canadian Forces Fleet School Québec (CFFS Québec)

The Canadian Forces Fleet School Québec (CFFS Québec) is the only school in the Royal Canadian Navy primarily oriented toward reservists. It considers trades training as its main field of activity, but is also involved in regenerative training.

It sees distributed training and in-house instruction as equally used vehicles to deliver its products. For maximum effectiveness, it relies on a firm course management structure, modular segmentation of courses and interactive learning.

CFFS Québec envisages itself as the Centre of Excellence for Naval Reserve distributed training in both official languages, and expects to take a leading role in developing valuable use for the modern training aids delivered to the Naval Reserve such as Virtual Reality, CBT, MDTU and other simulators.


Canadian Forces Fleet School Quebec shall serve the Navy as the Canadian Forces centre of excellence for Coastal and Littoral Warfare training.

This vision to support RCN transformation shall be achieved through:

  • the maintenance of a professional, knowledgeable, current and agile training cadre;
  • the employment and continuous evolution of modern training methods and technologies;
  • close collaboration and synchronization with other RCN, joint and combined training organizations;
  • the delivery of effective and efficient training to meet CF needs – wherever that training is required;
  • standing readiness for local contingency and strategic training surge missions;
  • support to the Naval presence in Quebec; and
  • a culture of coastal and littoral warfare excellence – based upon long term planning and vision.


The mission of Canadian Forces Fleet School Quebec is to serve the Navy by generating the forces required to ensure Canada's maritime defence and security.

School's motto

Servir la marine