Operation REASSURANCE | HMCS Winnipeg

Task Force Winnipeg

HMCS Winnipeg is currently sailing with Standing NATO Maritime Forces (SNMG) in the Mediterranean Sea and is tasked to support NATO assurance measures by monitoring shipping and maritime activity to promote security and stability in Central and Eastern Europe. The ship’s contribution to SNMG demonstrates Canada’s ability and willingness to react rapidly in response to international crises with our NATO Allies.

HMCS Winnipeg is a Halifax-class frigate based out of Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt with a crew of approximately 250 personnel of all ranks, including a CH-124 Sea King helicopter and air detachment. Winnipeg is the second modernized frigate to deploy to the Mediterranean Sea as part of the Halifax-class modernization/frigate life extension upgrade. This includes a new combat management system, new weapon and sensor capabilities and a new integrated platform management system.

The ship replaced HMCS Fredericton in theatre in mid-July, 2015.