Battle of the Atlantic Heroes: Albert Joseph Hanley and Daniel James Hanley

Battle of the Atlantic Heroes / April 30, 2021

Albert Joseph Hanley and Daniel James Hanley, brothers from Saint John, N.B., enlisted into the Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve. 

Albert was posted to His Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Restigouche, while Daniel was with HMCS Prince Rupert. Both brothers would be distinguished for their service during the war.

Albert would receive the British Empire Medal, with the citation reading:

“This rating has displayed meritorious service and outstanding courage during diving operations in searching for and recovering a live depth charge and two depth charge pistols fitted with detonators, lying at a critical depth in the harbour at St. John's, Newfoundland."

Daniel, a Leading Supply Assistant, would be Mentioned in Despatches, the citation reading: “This rating has been exceptionally efficient in carrying out his duties at sea. His cheerfulness and his excellent supervision of his department, have produced a fine spirit of cooperation among his shipmates, and have contributed greatly to the efficiency of his ship."

Both brothers survived the war.