Canadian Fleet Atlantic Sailor of the Year relishes new challenges

"Bravo Zulu" / May 2, 2016

Each week we celebrate the exploits of the exceptional men and women of your Navy from coast to coast.

We mark these outstanding achievements using the traditional naval signal for a job well done...

…Bravo Zulu


Bravo Zulu to Leading Seaman Tyler Bested, a Naval Combat Information Operator (NCI OP) from Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Halifax, who is the 2015 Canadian Fleet Atlantic Sailor of the Year. This award is presented to a deserving non-commissioned member and recognizes exceptional dedication to the Fleet.

Thanks to his continual drive to take on and master new skills and challenges, LS Bested has become an exceptional sailor. He has managed to complete his required training packages quickly and adeptly, and he actively seeks out new opportunities to learn unfamiliar operating procedures and routines, thereby setting a great example for subordinates and peers alike.

LS Bested volunteered to be a rescue swimmer for HMCS Halifax, and is usually the first one dressed and in the boat for exercises. Excelling in this position led him to seek out and successfully complete the ship’s team diver course. Since achieving the diver designation, LS Bested has completed numerous jetty and hull searches, hull inspections and night dives. During each diving event, he is extremely professional, striving to better his knowledge and technique under the mentorship of more senior personnel. In addition, LS Bested volunteered to be the ship’s dive team storesman, ensuring that the Halifax divers are always fully stocked and prepared for any event or emergency that may arise.

LS Bested has proven to be a valuable member of the Halifax team on deployment, most notably when the ship took part in several major maritime exercises with allies overseas, Exercises JOINT WARRIOR and TRIDENT JUNCTURE. As part of the ship’s combat team, NCI OPs use sensitive radar and computer systems to gather information and assist commanders in collision-avoidance navigation and anti-air, anti-surface, and anti-submarine warfare. LS Bested was praised for his ability to work in high-stress environments while providing the underwater team with a clean and accurate picture of the operating area.

The ability to explain the tasks and roles of the Royal Canadian Navy to the public we serve is also an important skill for any sailor. LS Bested appreciates the value of outreach and offered to demonstrate the work of a ship’s team diver to the crowds that turned out for a Department of National Defence Family Day event. He easily won over the families by delivering informative presentations on all aspects of the role of a diver. All of these qualities have demonstrated his outstanding professionalism and leadership ability.