Imagery Technician a master storyteller

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"Bravo Zulu" / November 26, 2015

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…Bravo Zulu


Bravo Zulu to Master Corporal Michael Bastien, who goes above and beyond as an Imagery Technician at Maritime Forces Pacific in Esquimalt, BC. Thanks to his outstanding imagery and dedication to his trade, MCpl Bastien has won the inaugural Military Photographers Achievement Award in the Canadian Armed Forces Photo Contest.

This brand-new award recognizes the technical quality of an individual photographer or videographer’s work, but also highlights the personal qualities – the hard work and dedication behind the scenes that go into consistently producing evocative imagery for the CAF. MCpl Bastien is seasoned in the art of acquiring and using still and motion imagery to support operational planning, public affairs, and countless other requirements during crises, contingencies and exercises.

MCpl Bastien has deployed on operations several times as an image tech, including on Operation REASSURANCE in 2014 onboard HMCS Regina. He used his time at sea to compose some amazing operational shots, a number of which won awards – both at previous CAF Photo Contests and in the 2015 Canadian Community Newspaper Awards. His skill and artistry in telling a story through the camera lens have led to his images regularly appearing in newspapers across the country.

Called a natural leader by his unit, MCpl Bastien consistently takes the opportunity to mentor and coach less experienced colleagues about new equipment and techniques, while continuing to work on his own professional development. Thanks to his extensive experience and talent at capturing the commitment of the men and women who serve Canada, he’s proven to be an effective ambassador for Canada’s military.