Crowsnest - Summer 2016

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Crowsnest is the national news magazine of the Royal Canadian Navy. Its aim is to keep readers informed about the navy through in-depth articles, news and dynamic imagery. The magazine provides a better understanding of our navy, as well as an appreciation for the great work our sailors and air personnel do for Canada around the world.

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HMCS Fredericton

Building skills and respect with global partners

Whether it’s working with Spain in the Mediterranean, sending naval officers on liaison visits to Tunisia or sailing with 26 other countries in exercises like Rim of the Pacific, the Royal Canadian Navy continues to develop and strengthen alliances with like-minded navies, while at the same time exploring relationships with new partners.

HMCS Fredericton’s ENBP

Ready for the storm

“Ready for the storm.” This is the motto of the Royal Canadian Navy’s new Maritime Tactical Operations Group, and it is a serious reflection of a team specifically trained to conduct maritime interdiction operations in a high-risk environment.

Lieutenant (Navy) Linda Coleman

First time at sea: a new sailor shares her experiences

What is it like learning to be a sailor in the Royal Canadian Navy and going to sea for the first time after years in a Canadian Army uniform?


Master Seaman Tammy Roberts

Logistics team helps coordinate a successful overseas deployment

“One of the fundamental keys to success in expeditionary operations is the sustainment of forces. A deployed warship’s ability to effectively operate is completely dependent on the logistical support.”
July 18, 2016

Radar Electronic Warfare

Enhancing the navy’s protection against modern threats

It is getting increasingly complex to defeat a naval threat in today’s defence environment. However, Defence Research and Development Canada’s Radar Electronic Warfare team aims to provide the Royal Canadian Navy with the technology it needs to defend against threats to its fleet.
July 18, 2016

HMCS Summerside

Teamwork key to success in countering illicit trafficking at sea

When a police officer pulls someone over and walks up to the driver-side window, it’s always with caution, always with uncertainty. HMCS Summerside and a Law Enforcement Detachment from the United States Coast Guard take similar precautions as they combine efforts to approach suspect vessels during Operation Caribbe.
July 18, 2016