Crowsnest - Fall 2016

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Crowsnest is the national news magazine of the Royal Canadian Navy. Its aim is to keep readers informed about the navy through in-depth articles, news and dynamic imagery. The magazine provides a better understanding of our navy, as well as an appreciation for the great work our sailors and air personnel do for Canada around the world.

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LCdr Donald Allan

The fantastic double life of a naval officer

An information warfare specialist in the Royal Canadian Navy by day and an award-winning self-published fantasy novelist by night, LCdr Allan is a self-affirmed “large geek and sometime nerd.”

Participants in the Canadian Leaders at Sea program

Canadian Leaders at Sea: civilians get an unforgettable experience

The RCN’s Canadian Leaders at Sea program is designed to help familiarize civilian stakeholders with the work of sailors and the capabilities of their ships – and also to bring Canadians closer to their navy.


Two sailors from HMCS CALGARY

The RCN’s new Code of Conduct: Eliminating harmful and inappropriate behaviour

A respectful work environment, free from discrimination and harassment, is the primary goal of the Royal Canadian Navy as it implements a new Code of Conduct.
October 24, 2016

Ships from RIMPAC 2016

RIMPAC 2016: Honing skills in a complex joint exercise

Twenty-five thousand sailors, soldiers and air personnel from 26 countries, 40 warships, five submarines and over 200 combat aircraft worked together for five weeks in the Hawaiian Islands and Southern California this past summer to execute the largest and one of the most complex maritime exercises the world has ever seen.
October 24, 2016

John Abraham

The importance of staying in touch with shipmates

Retired stoker John Abraham has a heart-felt message to pass along to those serving in today’s Royal Canadian Navy: take lots of photographs and be sure to stay in touch with your shipmates.
October 24, 2016