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Crowsnest is the national news magazine of the Royal Canadian Navy. Its aim is to keep readers informed about the navy through in-depth articles, news and dynamic imagery. The magazine provides a better understanding of our navy, as well as an appreciation for the great work our sailors and air personnel do for Canada around the world.

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HMCS Vancouver

Generate Forward: Enabling deployed RCN assets to provide strategic capability abroad

It began as a multinational exercise in the Norwegian Sea, but soon turned into an unanticipated real-world operational patrol in support of NATO. Her Majesty’s Canadian Submarine Windsor had been participating in Exercise Dynamic Mongoose with over 3,000 sailors and air personnel from eight allied countries last summer when the call came to support a classified NATO operation.

Commodore Haydn Edmundson and Commander Cameron Steil

Canadian sailor commands counter-terrorism task force

For the second time in two years a Canadian naval officer has taken command of Combined Task Force 150, a counter-terrorism task force headquartered in Manama, Bahrain.

HMCS Brandon

Naval Reserve evolving into more strategic role

The Naval Reserve is evolving in order to fulfill a more modern, strategic role based on augmenting the regular component of the Canadian Armed Forces.


Tall ships

RCN prepares to celebrate Canada 150

A regatta of tall ships. An international tattoo. Naval boarding party demonstrations. A navy bike ride. These are just some of the events that will take place as the Royal Canadian Navy celebrates the 150th anniversary of Confederation this year.
February 1, 2017

Honorary Captain (Navy) Symposium

Honorary Naval Captains bring the navy to Canadians

Drawn from the ranks of Canadians who have distinguished themselves in private or public life, Honorary Naval Captains are the ambassadors of the Royal Canadian Navy.
February 1, 2017

RCN Command badge

RCN adopts redesigned command badge

The Royal Canadian Navy has adopted a redesigned command badge that better reflects both the current RCN makeup and its traditional identity.
February 1, 2017

Master Seaman Donald Merlo and Leading Seaman Zachery Warwick

Lifelong friends sail the seas together

Had you asked friends Master Seaman Donald Merlo or Leading Seaman Zachery Warwick as children what they would be when they grew up, you might have received the standard answer: police officer, firefighter, or perhaps even professional athlete. Never would either have guessed that they would find themselves sailing on the high seas as crew members aboard a Royal Canadian Navy warship.
February 1, 2017