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The Naval Reserve LINK is a magazine published nation-wide two times a year (fall and spring). It is an internal communication tool used by the Naval Reserve.

The publication's mission is to foster exchanges of information between Naval Reservists and to show their accomplishments.

The different Naval Reserve Divisions and sailors across Canada are asked to submit articles on any subject of concern to them.


Cmdre Marta Mulkins

Sea Service

When I met with the NRD command teams for the first time in August 2015 I anticipated that the coming year would be a momentous one in terms of broader institutional initiatives at both the RCN and CAF levels and also identified my four first internal priorities for the staff to tackle on your behalf.

Capt(N) Chris Ross

“Hands to Stations”

The opportunities for you to contribute to RCN Excellence in Operations well into the future, both at sea and in support roles ashore will be varied and exciting.  Of course the introduction of the Naval Security Team is one such support role that will provide new operational employment opportunities, both for hard sea and support occupations.

CPO 1 David Arsenault


As another training year begins at Naval Reserve Divisions across Canada, I wish to welcome back all those sailors who deployed on tasks and operations over the summer, along with those who completed training or provided support, and those who took some well-deserved time off before jumping back into a demanding NRD training program.


NCdt Camille Hamm competing at Haywood Ski Nationals held in Whitehorse, in March, 2016.

An Uphill Climb

When she enlisted in June of 2013, Naval Cadet (NCdt) Camille Hamm joined the Royal Canadian Navy. She had already committed to depart for Ghana and spend that summer working with a branch of Free the Children.
November 7, 2016

Lieutenant (Navy) Alex Liebersbach, Parade commander of the ceremonial procession

An evening to remember…

On April 23, 2016 Hamilton’s Naval Reserve Division Her Majesty Canadian Ship (HMCS) Star marked its 75th anniversary at an event at the luxurious Liuna Station in the heart of downtown Hamilton, with proceeds going to both local, and veteran’s charities.
November 7, 2016

Lt(N) John MacDonald leads the combined HMCS Queen Charlotte and Charlottetown Royal Canadian Legion Colour Party

HMCS Queen Charlotte Commemorates Battle of the Atlantic in Stratford

Each year, on the first Sunday in May, we recognize the service of our Veterans, and the sacrifice of so many of their shipmates who never returned home.
November 7, 2016

HMCS Donnacona.

HMCS Donnacona: Best Naval Reserve Unit in Canada

The past year of training was a particularly busy time at HMCS Donnacona. The entire unit went into action to be innovative in areas such as training, personal and professional development, and community involvement.
November 7, 2016

Lt(N) Pendergast enrolls his daughter, Trysta Doary, into the Royal Canadian Navy in a ceremony at HMCS Queen Charlotte in April, 2016.

Sailor finds flexibility in Naval Reserve

It has often been said that flexibility is the key to success in naval operations. For Lieutenant (Navy) Paul Pendergast, flexibility has been one of the defining characteristics of his naval career.
November 7, 2016

Members of the combined HMCS Charlottetown and HMCS Queen Charlotte.

HMCS Queen Charlotte participates in 14th annual Run for Wishes

The combined HMCS Charlottetown and HMCS Queen Charlotte team conducted a relay run covering all areas of P.E.I. over five days, as well as collecting donations along the way.
November 7, 2016

LS Laurent Morin along with two other Boatswains maintain HMCS Summerside’s .50 Cal Machine-Gun while on Operation CARIBBE

HMCS Tecumseh Boatswain contributes to Operation CARIBBE

Leading Seaman Laurent Morin, a Boatswain with HMCS Tecumseh, joined HMCS Summerside in January of 2016.  HMCS Summerside along with HMCS Moncton departed from Halifax in late January as part of Operation CARIBBE.
November 4, 2016

Commodore Mulkins, Commander, Naval Reserve (center) on a joint Canadian Coast Guard / RCMP rigid hulled inflatable boat during Exercise ERIE VALOUR.

Lake Erie offers valuable training locale

Seven Naval Reserve Divisions (NRD), 4 Army Reserve units, the Canadian Coast guard and the RCMP all came together on the first weekend of October. Exercise ERIE VALOUR is designed to simulate a joint task force which will improve our interoperability between government departments.
November 4, 2016

AB Molly Cameron

TRADEWINDS-Sailor’s profiles

Able Seaman (AB) Molly Cameron
November 4, 2016

Her Majesty's Canadian Ship CALGARY (FFH-335) departs Pearl Harbor on July 8, 2014 for the at sea phase of Exercise Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) 2014.

Naval Reserve Deputy Advocate General Provides Legal Services Smack Dab in the Middle of the Pacific!

As a legal officer working at 2nd Canadian Division Support Base Valcartier and Naval Reserve Headquarters, opportunities to go to sea are few and far between. Be that as it may, from June 29 to August 4, 2016, I had the immense privilege of joining the crew of HMCS Calgary and participating in the 25th edition of Ex RIMPAC.
November 4, 2016

Lieutenant-Commander Lisane Albert, commanding officer of HMCS D’Iberville, briefs all the participants before the beginning of DIBOPS 16.

Eastern region NRDs train in Rimouski: DIBOPS 2016

On 7 May 2016, more than 75 sailors and 50 civilians from the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary, the RCMP, the Canada Border Services Agency, the Rimouski and La Mitis fire departments and the Rimouski ambulance service took part in exercise DIBOPS in the St. Lawrence River near Rimouski.
November 4, 2016

Lt(N) Toni El-Hage aboard HMCS Fredericton, Eastern Mediterranean Sea, Op REASSURANCE ROTO4/NATO 2016.

Across Many Miles as Stalker of the Seas

From the Mediterranean to the Aegean and into the Black Sea, the crew of Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Fredericton adapted to the many changes that came our way as we operated in a dynamic and unpredictable region of the world.
November 4, 2016

A statue outside the Korea War Memorial museum in Seoul, Republic of Korea.

Ex UFG 16: A Naval Reservist’s Experience in Korea

So there I was, minding my own business in my office at my day job, when out of the blue an opportunity to take part in a combined simulation exercise came my way. “Can you get away from your civilian job for three weeks to go to Korea?” asked my career manager, Lt(N) Lauzier. Who would say no to that? Not this gal! A few short weeks and a lot of paperwork later, and after a 13+ hour flight, I was touching down in Seoul, Republic of Korea (ROK).
November 4, 2016

Members of the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry (RHLI) return ashore after completing amphibious landings during Exercise RILEY DIEPPE in Hamilton Ont., May 29, 2016.

Navy and Army Units Partner for Joint Exercise in Hamilton

As the sun rose on Fifty Point Conservation Area – just east of Hamilton, Ontario – on May 29 2016, the chatter of birds and the hum of a light wind gave rise to the growl of several vessels approaching; even though it was a fully-equipped platoon of Royal Hamilton Light Infantry embarked aboard the boats of their neighboring Naval Reserve Division, HMCS Star, that was the only discernable sound.
November 4, 2016

RAdm Newton, joins the crew of HMCS Moncton for a picture alongside Churchill, Manitoba with their bullring freshly painted green.

HMCS Moncton’s Bullring gets some new Paint

In the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) when a ship crosses significant geographical areas such as across the Arctic Circle, around the horn of Africa, or across the equator, there are traditions and ceremonies that go in hand.
November 4, 2016

NST member during RIMPAC 2016.

Naval Security Team at RIMPAC 2016

As part of the RCN contribution to RIMPAC 2016, a small cadre of Naval Reservists from across the country was embedded with the USN’s Coastal Riverine Squadron 1 (CRS-1).
November 4, 2016

Naval Fleet School (Quebec).

Royal Canadian Navy training system modernization

On 29 June 2016, all Naval Reserve members working in Quebec City gathered both to celebrate the graduation of many Naval Cadets and to rename their school. Naval Fleet School (Quebec).
November 4, 2016

MS Mahabir conducts Marine Engineering Systems Operators training.

One Navy, One Sailor, Making a Difference

MS Mahabir joined the Naval Reserve shortly after completing high-school. “I was seeking employment that incorporated physical fitness with mental challenges”, he remembers, “I considered many occupations across the Canadian Forces but Marine Engineering caught my eye as being a mentally and physically demanding trade while allowing me to spend most of my career on the beautiful coasts of Canada.”
November 4, 2016

Naval Reserve Crest

The CAAP way ahead!

Class A Analysis and Production (CAAP), full speed ahead!   At the direction of the Commander RCN, staff at the Director of Naval Information Warfare (DNIW) and NAVRESHQ have completed the leg work to have Primary Reserve Intelligence Sea community (P Res Int-Sea) support RCN operations and missions through the production of intelligence products for TRINITY, the Navy’s intelligence centre.
November 4, 2016

Painting of HMCS Haida rescuing sailors thrown overboard during the torpedoing of HMCS Athabaskan in 1944.

Painting commemorating the loss of HMCS Athabaskan presented to the Naval Museum of Quebec

On 22 July 2016, Commodore (ret) Jean-Claude Michaud, on behalf of the Naval Association of Canada, presented the Naval Museum of Quebec with a painting of HMCS Haida rescuing sailors thrown overboard during the torpedoing of HMCS Athabaskan in 1944.
November 4, 2016