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Naval Staff - National Defence Headquarters

National Defence Headquarters

MGen George R. Pearkes Bldg, 11 ST,

101 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa ON K1A 0K2


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Phone: 613-995-2534 / Toll free: 1-888-995-2534

TTY and/or TDD *: 1 800 467-9877

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Maritime Forces Atlantic

(MARLANT) - Halifax

Navy Public Affairs

Maritime Forces Atlantic Headquarters

PO Box 99000, Station Forces

Halifax, NS B3K 5X5



Maritime Forces Pacific

(MARPAC) - Victoria

Navy Public Affairs

Maritime Forces Pacific Headquarters

PO Box 17000, Station Forces

Victoria, BC V9A 7N2



Naval Reserve Headquarters

(NAVRES) - Quebec City

Naval Reserve Headquarters

PO Box 1000, Station Forces,

Courcelette, QC G0A 4Z0