Atlantic Region News / July 21, 2017

EX SEA BREEZE ROLE: Canadian Clearance Diver

Previous Deployments: Busan, South Korea VSW EX 2016

Day Job: I am part of the Mine Counter Measures department at Fleet Diving Unit (FDU). My responsibilities included day to day diving operations and conducting maintenance on the equipment.

Why did you join the CAF: I joined the Canadian Armed Forces as a reservist looking for summer adventure and employment.

Why you have stayed in the CAF: After spending time at the fleet diving unit and seeing just how great the life of a clearance diver was, I knew it was the kind of lifestyle I wanted. I challenged the clearance diver (CD) selection and began my career as a CD.

Quote General: “During my time as a Clearance Diver I plan on clearing lanes, diving deep and seeing the bottom of every ocean.” – Leading Seaman Joel Lalonde        

Quote: Strength in Depth