Ordinary Seaman Andrew Iddon

Atlantic Region News / March 3, 2017

Job/Responsibilities: As a Naval Electronic Sensor Operator it is my job to identify incoming radar signals to determine whether it is a friend or foe.

Previous Deployments: This is my first

Why did you join the RCN?  My father served in the RAF and in the Falklands War. The stories he tells of the adventures he has been on are so inspiring.  I wish to be that kind of role model to my future family, and to any Canadian who wishes for an exciting career.

Why have you stayed in the RCN? The experiences I’ve gained in the RCN are invaluable, and as a comedian, the knowledge I now possess and continue to gather on a daily basis is legendary.

Most memorable CAF experience: Who can really put an experience as the number one?  From firing missiles on a warship, to getting “flash banged” in the woods while wearing nothing but a helmet and boxers, to marching down the streets of St. John’s Newfoundland to a roaring crowd, I like to collect as many memories as possible.

What is the best part of deployments like OP REASSURANCE? Seeing how truly vast the world is, and how different it is.  Being a small town kid from Canada really doesn’t put into perspective just how wide the world is and how varied the people are.  It also puts into reality how dangerous the world can be and how far people are willing to go for what they believe in.

Quote: Can be inspirational/motivational:  Take what you can from whatever happens, no matter how dire the straits.  What could be your worst day could be a story that makes someone else’s day better.  What could be the worst experience you have ever had could be seen as a dream to others less fortunate.  You are not alone in your struggles, look to your friends for comfort.