Visit of the Joint Arctic Command

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Navy News / September 14, 2017

By Sub-Lieutenant J.C.M. Martin-Labelle

HMCS Kingston hosted members from the Joint Arctic Command (JACO) while alongside Nuuk, Greenland, on September 10, 2017.

On the return transit from Operation LIMPID, HMCS Kingston paid a visit to Nuuk in order to resupply before continuing home to Halifax. While alongside, Kingston had the pleasure of hosting the Commanding Officer of the Joint Arctic Command (JACO), known locally as Issittumi Sakkutooqarfik, and his team for a visit.

The Commander of JACO, Generalmajor Kim Jesper Jørgensen, Chief of Operations Kommandørkaptajn Jakob Rousøe, and Canadian Desk Officer Premierløjtnant Rasmus Kilmose, joined Kingston’s command team for a tour of the ship, discussed Kingston’s recent two-month sail in the Arctic, and provided awareness of JACO’s role.     

JACO is a Joint Operational Command based out of Nuuk which, since 2012, has dealt primarily with the surveillance and enforcement of sovereignty and defence of Greenland and the Faroe Islands. This includes Sirius patrols, which are long-range reconnaissance patrols conducted by dog sled, where teams can be dispatched for up to four months patrolling the Northern and Eastern portions of Greenland. Additional tasks include search and rescue, fisheries inspections, combating maritime pollution and hydrographic survey.

In the past, Kingston-class ships have had the opportunity to work with Danish warships stationed in Greenland; however, this was Kingston’s first opportunity to meet with JACO and provide them with an in-depth briefing on Canadian capabilities in the Arctic and share their experiences of working in such an environment.

Knowing that we share the same issues and priorities in the Arctic, the cooperation between the two countries is truly important. Until the opening of Naval Station Nanisivik, Nuuk is the closest fuelling port for Canadian ships deploying to the Arctic.  

“It is important to foster a cooperative environment with our Arctic allies while the RCN increases presence operations in the far north. I was pleased to have the opportunity to meet Generalmajor Kim Jesper Jørgensen and to share with him Kingston’s successes during Op LIMPID,” said Lieutenant-Commander Matthew Woodburn, Commanding Officer, HMCS Kingston.

Operation LIMPID is the routine domestic surveillance and presence operation in Canada’s Arctic, fostering relationships with the CAF and our Northern communities and partners.