Royal Canadian Navy Leadership

Royal Canadian Navy Command Badge

Royal Canadian Navy Command Badge

Commander of the Royal Canadian Navy

The Commander of the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) is the most senior appointment in the RCN. This appointment also includes the title Chief of the Naval Staff and is based at National Defence Headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario. The rank associated with the appointment is vice admiral.

The Commander of the RCN is an essential part of the Canadian Armed Forces’ success. The Commander is responsible to the Chief of Defence Staff for command of the Navy and has the unique responsibility of leading the strategic development and generation of combat capable, multi-purpose maritime forces and for providing advice in support of Maritime operations. 

Command Chief Petty Officer of the Royal Canadian Navy

The Royal Canadian Navy Command Chief Petty Officer is the senior non-commissioned sailor in Canada’s navy. The primary role of the Command Chief is to provide the Commander of the RCN the non-commissioned member’s (NCM) perspective on behalf of all NCMs within the Navy.In addition, the Command Chief is the senior NCM advisor to the Commander of the RCN on dress, discipline, professional development, administration, morale, training, welfare, conditions of service and the Quality of Life of all military personnel within the Navy. He or she meets regularly and often with the men and women, wherever they may serve to understand the issues as they see them, as well as to understand which ones really matter to them. He normally accompanies the Commander of the RCN on visits to assess and obtain feedback on policy effectiveness from an NCM point of view and to communicate the Admiral’s intent, especially in areas of significant change within the Command.