RCN Youth Section

Welcome to the Royal Canadian Navy’s Youth Section!

Does the challenge of building your very own Royal Canadian Navy warship appeal to you? You can find two challenging paper models of Canada’s Maritime Coastal Defence Vessel, or MCDV in this section. Papers models, perennially popular in Japan, have become somewhat of a lost art in the West. However, once you realize just how complex and detailed these models truly are, you’re likely to fall in love with this fun and rewarding hobby!

Perhaps you’re interested in learning more about the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets, the maritime and naval environment, and how you might participate in a variety of exciting outdoor activities on and off the water!

Maybe you are curious about the Navy’s official mascot, how SONAR was “recruited”, and where the latest “SONAR sightings” have taken place.

Since the summer of 2003, the Navy has also conducted RAVEN, an Aboriginal Youth Employment Program. Held at Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt, this outreach program is designed to build bridges into Aboriginal communities in Canada and to make Aboriginal youth aware of potential military or civilian careers with the Department of National Defence.