Paper Ship Models of the RCN

The Canadian Navy is pleased to offer two challenging paper model warships that can be downloaded and printed at home using ordinary colour printers. These kinds of traditional paper models are a fun and challenging hobby! 

The warship offered here is the Canadian Maritime Coastal Defence Vessel, or MCDV, which is the primary coastal patrol vessel of the Canadian Navy.

The model is offered in two versions: one is simplified with fewer parts, and the other is an advanced version with more detail and more 3-D parts. The finished models are approximately 30cm (12”) long and 15cm (6”) high.

The suitable minimum age is 9+ years due to the accurate cutting and folding requirements, and the need to use a sharp hobby knife to cut the fine corners and details.  Parental help and supervision is strongly recommended in all cases.

Although these models may appear simple to build, the typical completion time for the simplified model is between 2-3 hours. 

The model kit pages should be printed on heavyweight (28-32 lb) paper. Light cardstock may be used, but cutting and folding might be more difficult.

Be sure to download the instruction sheets, as well as the model kit document.

The optimal format for printing and download will be the Adobe Reader (PDF) version, but a ZIP archive of high-resolution GIF pages is also available for those without Adobe Reader.