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SLt Morin: From the RCN to McGill

SLt Frédérique Morin


Sub-Lieutenant Frédérique Morin is an intelligence officer with Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship Radisson, the Naval Reserve Division located in Trois-Rivières, Quebec. Originally from Nicolet, Quebec, she has been wearing her Royal Canadian Navy uniform for over three years now.

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Your Navy Today

Your Navy Today is a monthly newsletter highlighting your RCN’s current operations, stories about our sailors and historic naval heroes, new equipment and technology and the top photos and videos.

Trident Newspaper

The nationally acclaimed Trident Military Newspaper has been bringing the latest in Navy news to military personnel in the Halifax area since 1966. Its pages are filled with not only current news as it relates to the Canadian Armed Forces' domestic and deployed operations, but also sports, recreation, and health-related columns.

Lookout Newspaper

Lookout can trace its history back to April 1943 when Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt’s first newspaper, The Gangway, began publication. The war-time paper was published monthly and contained news of successful attacks and missions carried out in Europe and the Atlantic Ocean.

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